The best books about love and sex


Love Is Not A Game


What is a soulmate? How can you beat the odds and find a soulmate? What are the roles of attraction, maturity, and sex in soulmate relationships? Why are soulmates a spiritual match? 

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Breaking love's rules


Why is it so hard to find a soulmate? What to do if you can't find a soulmate. How to make your love life with a non-soulmate partner fun, exciting, and fulfilling.

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solving the love puzzle

Book cover for Solving the Love Puzzle

Solutions to many dilemmas in the dating and relationship world. Where to find your soulmate? How long before becoming exclusive? Brief answers based on real life situations.

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Mix & Match Men


Still looking for your soulmate? Lonely without him or her? Do not jump into an exclusive relationship! Explore the alternatives with fashion model Xana. Read her diary of emotions and sex.

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