Daring to speak the truth about love

Straight talk about sex is one of Randy's hallmarks. He is equally comfortable talking about sex with your soulmate, sex with a friend, casual sex, interim sex, or sexual fantasies. How does sex fit with love? How does sex fit with spirituality? What about sex when dating? or when not dating? What about safe sex? Randy believes that sex is a natural and beautiful part of life, and something that's worth talking about.
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Sex in Soulmate Relationships Click here for a free excerpt from Chapter 6 that describes the nature of sex in a soulmate relationship. Chapter 6 also discusses what sex is like in various other types of relationships.

Sex is Like Water Click here for a free excerpt from the torrid true story of Steve and Rachel. This story, also from Chapter 6 "Sex Is Like Water," is one of 21 true love stories in Love Is Not A Game.

Sexual Fantasies Click here for a free excerpt from Chapter 11, This excerpt is one of 14 true sexual fantasy stories in Love Is Not A Game.

Sexual Disease Prevention Appendix 4, “Sexually Transmitted Disease Information" comes free when you buy the book..

Better Love (and More Exciting Sex) Click here to purchase Love Is Not A Game. Includes information about sex in various types of relationships, sexual deprivation, professional sex, the meaning of sexual fantasies, sexual fantasy stories, the battle between the sexes, and information about safe sex practices.

Straight Talk with Randy Click here to discuss in private your sexual concerns.

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