Daring to speak the truth about love

Is this really love? Or is it infatuation? Or lust? How long will it last? Does she love me? Why doesn’t he treat me right?

These questions and more plague many lovers. Randy Hurlburt’s coaching practice and his book are uniquely different because he uses two psychologically proven love tests to help you assess the quality and predict the future of your relationship(s).

These two questionnaires were developed by the world-famous psychologist Harold Bessell, Ph.D. They are different from most of the “quizzes” in the popular literature because they were specifically developed by a relationship therapist to answer clients’ questions, and proven for over 30 years in his practice.

These two questionnaires are contained in the appendix to Love Is Not A Game (But You Should Know the Odds). Click here to buy the book and bonus package. The questionnaires can also be purchased separately (see below).

Romantic Attraction Questionnaire Learn to tell if your feelings are the real thing, or infatuation. Sixty questions probe your true attraction. This questionnaire looks at much more than just physical or sexual attraction. It is designed to measure the true, permanent, romantic chemistry that you feel for another person. It is part of the foundation for the book Love Is Not A Game.

Emotional Maturity Questionnaire Is your partner (or potential partner) capable of treating you well in a love relationship? You need to know this before getting too deeply involved. Sixty-three questions measure emotional maturity in four categories. This is another foundation for the book Love Is Not A Game.

Success in love requires being able to accurately assess your own feelings, your own capabilities, and the feelings/capabilities of your partner. Learn how to do this NOW using these two questionnaires. You can get BOTH of these questionnaires RIGHT NOW in electronic format that is instantly downloadable for only $19.95. After purchase you will need the username "quizzes" and the password "love" to access the download page!

"This book is the most insightful guide to beginning and maintaining a loving relationship.
The two questionnaires are very helpful and accurate!”

Bob Farrell, review on Amazon.com