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Love Is Not A Game - In this book, Relationship Coach Randy Hurlburt gives you straight answers about romance, maturity, sex, and more.
You will learn:

  • The four key things to look for in a love relationship
  • How much time to invest in any relationship
  • What to do for sex and emotional fulfillment while not in a relationship
  • How to get more excitement out of sex within a relationship
  • Strategies to use to beat the odds and find good love (and good sex).

Contains both of Dr. Bessell’s Love Tests. Learn his secrets and you too can have exciting and successful relationships.

"Hurlburt knows what it takes to make a relationship work.
No one should get married before reading this book!"

Dean Mignola, author of "The Single Guy's Survival Guide."

This is the best investment you'll ever make in your love life.

Free “Love Tests”:   The Romantic Attraction Questionnaire and the Emotional Maturity Questionnaire developed by world famous psychologist Harold Bessell, Ph.D. are contained in the book and will teach you to be a better lover. Get an electronic download version free when you buy the book from Randy.

Free Love Dice:  Randy's unique "Love Dice" illustrate various dating situations in a fun and memorable way. These dice make great conversation starters at parties. Roll them and discuss the likely future of the relationship picture that comes up! A free set will be sent with the book when you order from Randy.

Controversial and compelling, Love Is Not A Game (But You Should Know the Odds) contains torrid true stories of real relationships. Don't miss the chapters on "Kissing Frogs," "Sex is Like Water," or the appendix on "Sexual Fantasies"!
Paperback edition, size 5¼ x 8, 357 pages, illustrated

I think your wonderful book is the best book on relationships
that I have read in the last two years!

Nicole Angel, Phoenix , Arizona

"Stimulating, educating, entertaining, and titillating."
Preston Nash, KGEO Talk Radio.

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Partners in Love and Crime -
This is Randy's second book. It builds on Love Is Not A Game and shows how "breaking the rules" can change ordinary love into extraordinary love. Find out the top ten reasons people get married, and the top ten reasons that relationships fail. Learn how commitment phobia (fear of not getting all needs met) pervades ALL relationships. Get comfortable with dating stages and how soon to become exclusive. This is an instantly downloadable E-Book!

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The Love Test -
This earlier book by Love Is Not A Game's collaborating psychologist Harold Bessell. Ph.D. explains in more detail the Romantic Attraction Questionnaire and the Emotional Maturity Questionnaire. These are the same tests that form the basis for Love Is Not A Game. Learn Bessell's Ten Commandments for an emotionally mature relationship, and his sixty-three ways to build maturity. A great companion to Love Is Not A Game.
Paperback edition, size 4 x 6½, 243 pages, price $17.95, FREE SHIPPING.

Romance with the Right Person -
Another book by Harold Bessell, Romance with the Right Person helps teenagers understand the dynamics of love relationships. Using the psychological questionnaires from The Love Test, this book translates them into the everyday experience of high school age adults. A good companion workbook to go with The Love Test.
Paperback edition, size 8½ x 11, 147 pages, price $17.95, FREE SHIPPING.


The Parent Book -
Also by Harold Bessell The Parent Book removes the mystery about what motivates your child to behave as he does. You can know in advance how to recognize and handle each issue of emotional development before it grows into a possibly serious problem. You can respond constructively to the thinly disguised messages which your child is giving you every day of his life.
Paperback edition, size 8 ½ x 11, 207 pages, price $17.95, FREE SHIPPING.
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