Daring to speak the truth about love

How do you know when you are on the edge of a breakup?

  1. You are asking yourself if this relationship is right for you
  2. Your partner has said maybe it's not right for him or her
  3. Sex has become infrequent or unfulfilling
  4. There has been infidelity in the relationship
  5. You have already decided to break up but are thinking of going back.

It is at this vulnerable time that you need information that can help you decide to stay, or leave, or try again. The advice of friends, and many books, will often give you the wrong answer. My friend and mentor Dr. Harold Bessell developed tools and strategies to help you make this decision with accuracy and confidence. I want to share his innovative thinking so that you too can find emotional fulfillment, lasting love, and great sex.

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"Randy, your guidance has been with me a great deal.  I feel like I've learned a whole new set of behaviors, and in fact, probably learned a whole new way of life.  The relationship with my boyfriend is better than ever and growing. Even the sex is better!"
                        Lola R., a telephone coaching client

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Telephone Coaching
Telephone coaching is the most effective way to quickly get to the bottom of your situation. When you purchase either the Love Is Not A Game book and bonus package or the Partners in Love and Crime book and bonus package you will receive a complimentary telephone coaching session. Contact Randy to set up an appointment, and mention the promotion code "ADVICE.".

Two Love Tests
When you request the telephone coaching, you will receive electronic copies of Dr. Bessell's "Romantic Attraction Questionnaire" and "Emotional Maturity Questionnaire.: These come with the book as part of the bonus package, and let you accurately assess your feelings and the long-term potential of your relationship.

Relationship Success Training for Singles
If you are single and haven't yet found the love of your life, take this six-week intensive program. Define your vision, decide your requirements, learn where to look for quality singles, and create a relationship plan. "When you are ready, it will come." Be sure you are ready when he or she crosses your path. Randy Hurlburt is certified by the Relationship Coaching Institute to teach this program, which includes one hour per week of personal telephone coaching, a workbook with structured homework exercises, and unlimited e-mail support. For more information, Contact Randy.

Free Book, Love Dice, Love Tests
When you enroll in the Relationship Success Training for Singles, you will receive an autographed copy of Randy's award-winning book Love Is Not A Game (But You Should Know the Odds), a set of the unique "Love Dice," and electronic copies of the Romantic Attraction Questionnaire and the Emotional Maturity Questionnaire. With the course, the book, the dice, and the two love tests, you will be well equipped to find your soulmate!

Randy's Coaching Philosophy

The truth is that good love (and good sex ) are hard to find. Randy can explain why, and then help you determine what kind of relationship is worth putting your energy into. His unique style is based on understanding your goals, and placing them in the context of realistic possibilities. He can help you clarify your feelings, show you how to assess your partner's (or potential partner's) ability to handle a relationship, and assist you in using the love tests developed by Dr. Bessell to predict the future of your relationship.  His practice is dedicated to helping you build exciting and successful relationships.

Randy is a member of the Relationship Coaching Institute. He is an RCI Relationship Coach and a Certified Interaction Management Instructor. He is a member of the Independent Writers Association of Southern California.

Randy provides coaching services worldwide by telephone and e-mail, and in-person in San Diego.

(What is relationship coaching?)

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

"I just wanted to say thank you for the class, your kindness, and the very helpful material in your book.  It has opened my eyes a lot.  I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to take this course and learn much-needed lessons in how "good love" works"
Nancy H., a teleseminar participant
"If you need qualified answers to your questions or you really care about the love of your life, write to Randy Hurlburt"

Christina C., a "Relationship Success" program graduate