Daring to speak the truth about love

dy Hurlburt

Randy Hurlburt is an internationally acclaimed relationship coach, speaker, and author of two books, Love Is Not A Game and Partners in Love and Crime. Randy is a member of the Relationship Coaching Institute, and is a Certified RCI Relationship Coach, a Certified Interaction Management Instructor, and a member of the Independent Writers of Southern California. He has advanced degrees from Princeton University and the University of Southern California.

With over 20 years experience evaluating love relationships, Randy’s unique coaching style is based on understanding your goals, and placing them in the context of realistic possibilities. He wants everyone to have better love (and better sex).

Randy has devoted his life to understanding what love is all about. He has been around the world in his search to discover the truth about love. In collaboration with world-renowned psychologist and therapist Harold Bessell, Ph.D., he has blended his own experiences and the experiences of others to form a new strategy for romantic life.

Observing that most self-help relationship books sadly miss the mark, Randy has hit the bull’s eye with Love Is Not A Game (But You Should Know The Odds). This is a life-changing book that brings logic and love together in a practical, reader-friendly story. "Out-of-the-box and on-target" - Chris Brewer, KTIK Radio.

In his worldwide relationship coaching practice, Randy is dedicated to helping singles and couples to create exciting and successful relationships. His specialty is high chemistry relationships: if you have been “struck by lightning” and are not sure if you’ll ever recover, contact Randy!

Randy has two children and divides his time between San Diego and Thailand.

To learn about Randy's "Partners in Love and Crime" book, visit his other website at http://www.partnersinloveandcrime.com.

Collaborating Psychologist: Harold Bessell, Ph.D.
Dr. Bessell received his Ph.D. from Purdue University and practiced clinical psychology for over 30 years in La Jolla, California. He researched and developed the famous Bessell Measurement of Emotional Maturity Scale. He is also author of highly acclaimed books including Romance With The Right Person, The Parent Book, and The Love Test, a book explaining how you can predict the future chances for success in your love relationship.

Also recognized as an authority in the development of emotional maturity in children, Dr. Bessell was co-creator of The Magic Circle, part of the Human Development Program.

Dr. Bessell taught at Wichita University, University of California at San Diego, San Diego State University, and National University. He was chairman of the Theory Department of the California School of Psychology in San Diego, and he was past president of the San Diego Psychological Association.

The Ascension of Io
Sculpture in Bronze
John M. Soderberg, 1979

Dr. Bessell has appeared on top national television and radio programs, and his articles have appeared in many periodicals including Psychology Today, The American Journal of Psychotherapy, McCall’s, and Redbook.

Insights of Io
Insights of Io is a private firm dedicated to revealing the hidden truth about quality love relationships. We believe that conventional wisdom leads many people into confusion, frustration, loneliness, and divorce. Outdated patterns can be replaced with a new way of thinking ("insight") which in turn leads to good love and emotional fulfillment.

Insights of Io donates one-half of all net proceeds from book sales to organizations such as rape hotlines and spousal abuse centers that assist victims of bad love.

Io (pronounced "ee-oh") is the Love Goddess in the book "Love Is Not A Game (But You Should Know The Odds)." It is Io who reveals the secrets of the Love Dice. (In mythology, Io was the mistress of the god Jupiter. One of the moons of the planet Jupiter is named Io.)